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When an Idea Strikes

Early this morning, as I was spreading the bed, my mind began to drift. It always drifts when doing mundane tasks. Thoughts and ideas begin swirling around... Sometimes making no sense. I may even daydream for a while.

I really enjoy having open spaces to think. Having lengthy stretches of time to myself. The effortless freedom of letting your mind wonder, uninhibited. It's truly amazing what you come up with. ⭐

A book about homeschooling

As I smoothed the sheets over the mattress, I remembered an interesting concept from a book that I read about a year ago. It was a book about homeschooling (a very random read since I have no children and no desire for them in the near future). Why was I thinking about this book all of a sudden? A year after reading? I'm really not sure... but that's what happens when you give your mind some space. It comes up with all manner of things.

A concept from the book gave me an idea for a blog post. 'Wow,' I thought to myself, 'fantastic'. I continued straightening the sheets, when all of a sudden, words began forming in my mind. Idea after idea washed over me like warm, salty waves. It started out as fragments, just a vague feeling with a few words sprinkled in. I quickly grabbed a piece of scrap paper and began jotting down the points. Then, I went back to spreading the bed.

I tried to continue the task, but the words became sentences. The post literally began to write itself in my mind at lightning speed. The 'bed-spreading' process was interrupted yet again as I ran back to the scrap paper to try to capture it. I began scribbling frantically. In my haste, I noticed that my scribbles were getting illegible. Also I just couldn't write fast enough. I had the feeling that, if I took a moments pause, the post would flash through my mind and totally disappear.

I quickly gabbed my laptop, no time to waste! I looked over at my desk, which was cluttered.. Yikes! No time to clean that up! So I sat on the floor in my pyjamas, back against the wall, and typed it all out in one frantic flurry. I was quite pleased. :)

I tipped my head back, resting it on the wall and smiled to myself. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when that happens. When an idea strikes and demands immediate attention. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you really ought to listen. To seize the moment before it disappears.

I saved the work and got up to continue spreading the bed when I noticed something that was, at a glance, totally absurd. The ‘bed-spreading’ was 98% complete when I dashed for my laptop. Ridiculous! It would have literally taken about 5 extra seconds to finish the task.

I think this just illustrates the nature of the creative process. You have to strike when the ideas are hot. There is just no time to spare. If you’re inspired, go for it! Don’t wait for the most convenient time or situation to act! If you do, the idea will disappear. Inspiration can be impatient, even a bit demanding. She told me ‘drop the sheets, drop it right now or I’m outa here!’ so I listened.

A wonderful book

Elizabeth Gilbert articulates this phenomenon beautifully in her book Big Magic. It was truly life affirming.

'... continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you—is a fine art, in and of itself.'
'I believe that our planet is inhabited not only by animals and plants and bacteria and viruses, but also by ideas. Ideas are a disembodied, energetic life-form. They are completely separate from us, but capable of interacting with us—albeit strangely. Ideas have no material body, but they do have consciousness, and they most certainly have will.'
'Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest. And the only way an idea can be made manifest in our world is through collaboration with a human partner. It is only through a human’s efforts that an idea can be escorted out of the ether and into the realm of the actual.'
'A good-enough novel violently written now is better than a perfect novel meticulously written never.'

Remember to listen to that inner voice. Let it in, allow it guide you creatively and if possible, try not to delay.✨

The blog post in question, by the way, is the one entitled 'Multi-aged friendship groups'

My initial attempt at jotting down the post. I promise, my penmanship is generally not this bad 😅


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